Susan Close

  • Member for Port Adelaide
  • Minister for Education and Child Development
  • Minister for Higher Education and Skills
  • Member of the Executive Council


Susan Close is the State Member for Port Adelaide and was elected on the 11th of February 2012. Susan has lived locally on the LeFevre Peninsula for over ten years with Declan and her two children and is passionate about representing the people in their community. Before entering Parliament, Susan was a senior manager in the Environment Department. She has also previously worked at Adelaide University running student services and believes education is one of the best ways to transform people’s lives and give children the future they deserve. Susan has a long history of advocating for and supporting her local community.

Electorate Profile - Port Adelaide

Chosen by Captain Light as the most suitable port for the province. He surveyed the road from Adelaide to Port Adelaide in 1837 and reported that a canal could easily be cut to connect the harbour with the River Torrens. Eventually in 1856 a railway was built from the port to the City. Named after Queen Adelaide, wife of King William IV Area: approx. 113.4km2 Location: To the north-west of the Adelaide city area. The electorate is both residential and light industrial. It includes part of the historic area of Port Adelaide, seaside suburbs on the west and includes the residential suburbs of Greenfields, Mawson Lakes and part of Parafield Gardens on the north east. History: Port Adelaide was a district for the Legislative Council of 1951-56. The name was used  for one of the original House of Assembly electoral districts created in 1856. The name was discontinued in 1969 and was reintroduced by the 1998 boundary redistribution (former district of HART).


  • Address: 1/111 Lipson Street Port Adelaide, SA,  5015

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