Michael Atkinson

  • Member for Croydon
  • Speaker


Mick can often be seen doing his electorate rounds by bike, doorknocking his constituents, hand delivering welcome letters to new arrivals to the area, holding street-corner meetings, travelling by public transport to and from Parliament and having a kick of the footy in the breaks at Woodville Oval when the Woodville-West Torrens Eagles are playing there. Mick has four children – Hugh, 26, Bridget, 24, John, 21 and Christopher, 17 – all of whom attended Saint Joseph’s Primary School, West Hindmarsh. Mick’s other interests are his parish church at West Croydon, gardening, going to the races, fishing, reading and his Maltese Terrier-Lhasa Apso X, Gus. Mick will often be heard on talkback radio, doing regular stints with Leon Byner and Bob Francis on Radio 5AA.  Mick was appointed to the Ministry after Labor formed government in 2002 and held the portfolios of Attorney General, Minister for Justice, Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Minister for Veterans until he retired from frontbench duties in 2010 to encourage renewal in the Labor Government.   As Attorney General, Mick pioneered reforms in South Australian laws protecting victims of crime, changing laws on weapons & knives, permitting D.N.A. testing, closing loopholes in our criminal-justice system, introducing anti-hoon driving laws and cracking down on outlaw motor cycle gangs and other forms of serious and organised crime. During Mick’s time as Minister for Justice, the crime rate fell more than 40 p.c. and the average sentence imposed on convicted offenders increased.   Mick is now the Speaker of the Parliament, bringing greater civility to the House and striking fear into rowdy M.Ps with his ability to cite precedents back to the 13th century and sitting down Government Ministers and telling them to shut up or apologise.

Electorate Profile - Croydon

Croydon the village was laid out in 1855, comprising Croydon Farm of 40 acres and five-acre lots. The name Croydon is from the French 'craye' (chalk) and the Saxon 'dun' (hill) - a town near a chalk hill.   Area: approx. 16.9km2   Location: Situated to the north-west of the City of Adelaide and bounded in the south by the River Torrens/Karrawirra Pirri. Largely residential with some light industry.   History: The electorate was re-named in the 1998 redistribution, having being called Spence for 29 years and Hindmarsh for decades before that. The 2012 redistribution subtracted the part of Findon east of Findon Road from the electorate and added, in the north, Woodville Gardens and the redeveloped Ferryden Park south of Coker Street.


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