John Rau

  • Member for Enfield
  • Deputy Premier
  • Attorney-General
  • Minister for Justice Reform
  • Minister for Planning
  • Minister for Industrial Relations
  • Minister for Child Protection Review
  • Minister for the Public Sector
  • Minister for Consumer and Business Affairs
  • Minister for the City of Adelaide
  • Member of the Executive Council


John attained a Law Degree, worked as a Solicitor at law firm Duncan & Hannon and later at Johnston Withers & Associates where he was made a partner.

John was also an Advisor to the Hawke Government from 1985-1988. He has been a Barrister since 1997.

John is a former member of the ALP National Executive and is a member of various Parliamentary Committees.

Electorate Profile - Suburb name

In 1843 George Hickox laid out the village of Enfield that comprised 44 quarter acre blocks. He named the village after his birthplace in Middlesex, England derived from either the Anglo Saxon word ‘enedfeld’ meaning duck field or the old English word 'feld' meaning open country.

Area: approx. 20.8km2

Location: To the immediate north of the electoral districts of Adelaide and Croydon, the area is residential with some light industry. It includes the suburbs of Mansfield Park and Woodville Gardens on the west and Clearview and Broadview on the east.

History: First created 1956-1970, the district was revived at the 1998 redistribution of electoral boundaries, formerly Ross Smith. The 2003 redistribution made a minor adjustment to the southern boundary of the district.


  • Electorate Office: Unit 6, 430 Prospect Rd

    Kilburn SA 5084

  • 8260 7733
  • 8260 7111
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.